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Homeroom- Science and Social Studies

Study for the Science Test on October 20th...........
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Ring of Fire .................
Image result for volcano diagramImage result for landforms study guide grade 3Check Science Book for other Landforms.............Image result for us map of mountainsRelated imageCheck your Science Book for more.........
Please Check my post for the newsletter for this week.Image result for posts
Our First Character Counts Program is Oct. 27th.Image result for character counts for kidsat 10:00 A.M.  Our New P.E. Teacher will be leading this program.  If your child met his or her AR Goal their name will be announced along with Character Counts and Student of the Month.  Honor Roll Students will be given some kind of recognition.
Open House/Chili Supper is on October 26th. 5-7  Please mark your calendars.  Image result for science carved in pumpkins
Homeroom Students/Parents - If you would like to send in group snacks for our homeroom, it must be bought and have labels from the store.  You can send things like fruit snacks, rice krispie treats, cheez-its etc.  No snacks yet.Image result for fall snacks
For our Fall Festival Merit Celebration the Third Grade needs donations for baggies, caramel sauce, and napkins.
 Smucker's Simple Delight Topping, Salted Caramel, 11.5 Oz

Thanks to all Parents/Chaperones who went with us on our trip.  We appreciate you so very much.  

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Literacy Fair will be here before you know it. Please help choose which book your child will be doing. Guidelines came home today. Oct. 4th. Please send back the short sheet signed saying your child is doing the fair. 

                                     Image result for continent map




North America

In the U.S. We are a part of a Democracy.

(it’s where we live.) 3rd largest continent.

Temperate Zone

Home to Mount Rushmore, The Statue of Liberty


In the Northern Hemisphere

South America –Home to the World’s Highest Waterfall (Angel Falls) 4th Largest Continent

The Equator runs through me.

Europe - where the King and Queen live.

They are part of a Monarchy.

My nickname is Eurasia as I am connected to Asia by a mountain range.

Africa –Second Largest Continent

The Equator runs through me.

Asia – The Largest Continent

Largest in Population also.

Home to The Himilayas and Mount Everest.

The Panda Bear and The Asian Elephant lives in Asia.

Australia – an island Home to the koala, the wallaby, and the wombat.

Sydney Opera House


Antarctica –It’s frozen in ice.
An insect called the midge lives here. It is also home to many Penguin Species.
Lots of research goes on at the McMurdo Station.
No one lives there the conditions are way too extreme.
It's a desert. (arid)