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Weekly Newsletter


Mrs. Igous  Kindergarten

Jan. 14-18


Encouraging notes are coming home today from a KES parent.  This parent wrote notes for the entire student body.  Wow!  So amazing!  Thank you to this anonymous person for helping make students feel special.


Library books came home Friday.  Please send it back each Monday with your child so they are able to look at it during school hours and have it for Buddy Readers.


I uploaded pictures from our visit with a hedgehog.  We had a hedgehog in our book last week, The Mitten.  We learned that the author, Jan Brett, has a pet hedgehog and puts one in every book she writes.  The kids loved it.  I also put pictures from our science experiment on Friday.  We made a snowstorm!  Great fun!!


You may purchase a new daily folder for your child if you would like.  They start falling apart this time of year.  I only ask that it be durable and have two pockets.  NO PRONGS PLEASE.  It can have cartoon characters, etc. on the front.  I will write your child’s name on it.


Letter of the week: Ww and the /w/ sound as in watch (Show and Tell will be on Friday and should start with the beginning sound)

Sight word: do

Literacy/Language: CVC words, Punctuation, Table of Contents, Writing sentences about nonfiction books.

High Hat: Wendy Watch /w/

Math: 3-D shapes: cube, cylinder, sphere, cone, We will continue addition and counting by 10’s to 100

Writing: Labeling and book responses

Handwriting: Ww

Theme: Penguins

Science/STEM: Artic Explorations


Dates to remember:

Jan. 21: No School, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Jan. 25: Celebrate 100th day of school (a paper bag will come home this week with directions on what to send for the 100th day)



We could use some small toys for our Blue Buck Store.  Fast food restaurant toys are perfect or small things from the Dollar Store. 

Remember, fever free and/or vomit free for 24 hours before returning to school. 


If you ever have a question or comment, please feel free to write a note on the back of the calendar or send me an email.  I can respond fairly quickly to email.  It is difficult for me to get time to call. 


Thank you,

Mrs. Igou


Don’t forget our school collects Box Tops, Campbell Soup labels, and Coke Rewards