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Kingston Elementary School

Mrs. Sandra Hall » Welcome to Mrs. Hall's Class

Welcome to Mrs. Hall's Class

Welcome to the 2017-18 school year! This year promises to be your best year yet. You have moved up to another grade and have or will be turning another year older. You should be ready to take on some new and exciting challenges. Being a 5th grader means you're ready to take responsibility for your learning and behavior. You are a part of the kids who are the older kids in the school. The younger kids will be looking up to you. You will have all new teachers who are ready to help you grow academically. These teachers, along with myself, are anxious to get you ready for not only the middle school, but throughout the rest of your academic journey. As your special ed. teacher, I am here to customize your academics so that it is a perfect fit for you. When you stick to the basics of the abc's, you will grow academically and have a great school year. Remember to:
A - apply yourself everyday
B - believe that you can do it
C - control unwanted behaviors
D - deliver your best work
E - employ good work habits
F - finish what you start
G - get help whenever you need it
H - help your neighbor when you can
I - invest in good attendance, a good attitude, and good study habits
J - juggle school and other activities so that they both work for you
K - keep all the things you need to be successful in your backpack
L - learn as much as you can
M - make good use of your time
N - never say, "I can't," instead say, "I'll try."
O - open your eyes and ears to new learning
P - persevere, plan your work, work your plan
Q - question whatever you don't understand
R - read everyday
S- stay focused
T- take your time and work carefully
U - utilize all the resources (help) you can
V - volunteer to answer in class
W - work to the best of your ability
X - x out foolishness
Y - yearn for all the learning you can
Z - zigzag your way to the right place, at the right time
Adopt these abc's and have a good year. I'm looking forward to working with you and watching you grow both academically and socially. I'm here for you!! 
Mrs. Hall 
I began my teaching career with Roane Co. Schools in 1978. I have witnessed many changes throughout the years. I've seen hundreds of children pass through the doors of Kingston Elementary. I've had the privilege and honor to work with some amazing children (and some awesome teachers). These children taught me how to teach. They taught me about diversity. They taught me how to be a better person. Most importantly, they taught me how to love them despite their differences and uniqueness.
As I wind down my teaching career, I continue to be excited for the beginning of another school year because I know God has placed another child in my path to be a blessing to me. Happy 2017-18 school year!!