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Looking forward to an awesome year! 

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Vocabulary Quiz Monday (10/30)
Students have a copy of the study guide.  They must also know the word stimulas and tropism.   This should be written on the back of the study guide.
Join us for dinner at McDonalds's of Kingston Tuesday, October 24th from 5pm-8pm.
20% of sales will be donated to Kingston Elementary. 
Please send in permission slip and money for the field trip as soon as possible.  Field trip is Oct. 6.
We are working on Ecosystems in science.  The test is scheduled for September 22 at this time.  Students will need to study section 3 in their journal.  Study guide will be sent home closer to time.

Week of August 21

 This week we are working on plant and animal cells.  Students will have a quiz next week and must label the cells.  They must also be familiar with the terms.  We will be working on this all week.  Students may bring their journals home at anytime to study.  
In Social Studies we are working on prehistoric Native American tribes.  Study Guides will be sent home on Thursday.  This will be located in their Social Studies Journal.  The test will be on Wednesday of next week. 
Please feel free to contact me by email or remind if you have any questions or concerns.  

STEM Donations

 We are currently raising money to purchase STEM shirts for the entire school to wear on STEM Fridays.  STEM Friday is the first Friday of the month.  If you or you know of someone/business that would like to donate please contact Amanda Burd or Teresa Powers.  Thank you!

EXTRA CREDIT.... This is optional.


Extra Credit Project: (Optional)   Students may create a cell and bring it in by Friday 8/25.  In the past students have used clay, playdough, styrofoam, cookies, cakes, poster board.  Be Creative.  Must label the cell wall, nucleus, vacuole, cell membrane, cytoplasm, chloroplast (plant only), and cell wall (plant only).

 No school on Monday 8/21.  This is the Solar Eclipse day.  Each child received a pair of Solar Eclipse glasses on Friday.  Safe Viewing!!